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Vallortigara offers its expertise and professional capacity in the treatment of liquid wastes, choosing the most appropriate technology and optimizing management, always aiming to ensure the right choices are made to protect the environment during chemical processing.

Our expertise at your disposal

The range of treatments adopted with industrial liquid wastes is quite vast and such as to require considerable chemical know-how and an ability to choose and manage the right processes. Thanks to the experience and skills acquired by Vallortigara the firm can be considered a secure partner for all companies that have to contend with the problem of proper disposal of industrial, hazardous and non-hazardous liquid wastes by means of treatment and/or pre-treatment, such as, for example, homogenization, screening, clariflocculation, sedimentation, filtration and reverse osmosis.

The chemistry of waste materials

The modern Vallortigara facility for the treatment of wastewater produced by industrial and craftwork processes allows for the treatment of several types of liquid wastes, such as acid/base effluents, waste paint water, washing water, stormwater, oil emulsions etc.

The process of purification of the supplied water occurs through the correct dosage of appropriate reagents in the clariflocculator reactor. The fractions generated by this type of process undergo another series of targeted treatments. In particular, the (decanted) solid fraction, after the mechanical dehydration phase, is transferred to the stabilization/solidification plant for solid wastes, while liquid fractions undergo further treatment in the reverse-osmosis plant with discharging of the permeate into the public sewerage system or biological refining at authorized facilities.

Services for the management of liquid wastes

  • Transportation and disposal of any type of liquid waste
  • Treatment of acid/base effluents, waste paint water, oil emulsions and other liquids with a special purification plant
  • Dehydration of industrial sludge to facilitate its disposal
  • Sampling to ensure correct treatment
  • Analysis at certified laboratories for precise identification of the components contained in wastes


Our activities are qualified by certifications that ensure quality levels compliant with European standards.


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