Efficiency and speed

Thanks to its modern vehicles for the transportation of liquid and solid wastes (available 24 hours a day) and state-of-the-art equipment used for the cleaning of cesspits, Vallortigara ensures effective and timely interventions in every situation.

Transportation services for every requirement

Thanks to the synergy and collaboration with the subsidiary company Vallortigara Angelo, which specializes in the transportation and cleaning of cesspits, Vallortigara uses avant-garde technical vehicles and equipment that can guarantee optimal management of the logistics relating to the collection and transportation of wastes. The firm's broad fleet of vehicles is well-equipped for the transportation of liquid and solid, hazardous and non-hazardous wastes, also in compliance with the provisions of the ADR regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods. The transportation of liquids is carried out by tankers with various capacities (3, 5, 8, 10, 24, 30 cu.m) equipped with suction pumps and high-pressure canal-jet equipment for cleaning, washing and the decontamination of tanks and pipes. Solid wastes are transported on articulated roll-off container trucks, some of which are also equipped with lifting equipment for wastes loaded onto pallets and 'spider-grab' cranes for loading loose materials. Ribbed trailers, tip-up containers and bins are also available. Vallortigara offers its clients the possibility to hire storage bins and containers (approx. 500 containers currently available) for the storage and collection of waste materials and substances locally produced by its clients. These containers can be useful for optimizing loading and transfer operations and reducing transportation costs. More specifically, the service comprises the hiring of crates (1 cu.m), cases for lead-acid batteries and bins with a capacity of 13, 20 and 30 cu.m, also supplied with lids and a waste compacting press. Clients may also purchase 200-litre drums and 'big bags' (also with UN approval) for the proper storage of different types of waste.

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Cleaning of cesspits: a prompt and effective service

Purging activities are also carried out by Vallortigara Angelo, whose consolidated experience and the availability of excellent technical equipment, coupled with 24-24 availability, guarantee efficiency and speed in any situation. The quality of the service, aimed at private clients and public administration departments, is enhanced by the professional capacity and standards of the staff, who are able to respond quickly, providing effective solutions for the various requests received. These may include unblocking or the removal of obstructions in pipelines, sewers and drains generally, and the cleaning of pits, septic tanks and cesspools.
The objective of achieving the capacity to deal with an increasing number of issues has resulted in the continuous technological updating of the fleet of vehicles. Amongst other additions, the range of vehicles now includes a mobile unit capable of performing video inspections of sewer systems and AutoCAD network tracing and mapping, as well as leakage testing, non-destructive testing and the restoration of pipelines and the location of hidden wells.

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Effective interventions for private clients and companies

  • Collection and transportation of solid, liquid, hazardous and non-hazardous wastes
  • TV inspection of sewerage systems, tracing and Auto-CAD mapping of networks, leakage testing, non-destructive testing and restoration of pipelines.
  • Renting of bins and containers
  • Transportation of hazardous wastes with vehicles compliant with ADR regulations
  • Cleaning and the removal of obstructions in pipelines, sewerage systems and drains in general.
  • Washing and cleaning of tanks, septic tanks and cesspits.


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