Quality and safety

Vallortigara Servizi Ambientali has a modern plant for the stabilization and solidification of industrial wastes, providing for both processes with high quality standards.

Rendering inert substances of a potentially polluting nature

The disposal of industrial sludge and, in general, of hazardous wastes with stabilization and solidification treatment meets the objective of stabilizing wastes making them inert and, therefore, potentially less polluting and less dangerous also with the passing of time. The process renders the treated wastes suitable for the transfer to subsequent stages, such as disposal in landfills or recycling. Compared to the past, new rules in force impose very strict standards of treatment, both in reference to the quality of outgoing waste and its durability over time. For this reason Vallortigara Servizi Ambientali has a modern stabilization and solidification plant capable of performing both treatments ensuring high levels of quality and safety.

The chemistry of waste materials

As regards stabilization, the treatment provides for the inertization of wastes through the inhibition of the solubility of metals present in them. The process consists in the addition of suitable reagents, such as hydraulic and/or synthetic binders and other additives conducive to the insolubilization of metals. The dosage of the reagent is effected on the basis of analytical assessment and processing tests carried out during endorsement at our laboratories.

The industrial waste solidification treatment is performed on non-shovelable and/or pulverulent wastes, using hydraulic and/or synthetic binders.

These processes make it possible to obtain wastes with stable chemical/physical characteristics and thus suitable for removal to approved landfills.

Interventions aimed at reducing pollution loads

  • Stabilization treatment of industrial wastes with hydraulic and/or synthetic reagents.
  • Treatment of industrial sludge to facilitate its disposal.
  • Laboratory tests to assess the suitability of treatments.
  • Solidification treatment of non-shovelable and/or pulverulent wastes, using hydraulic and/or synthetic binders.
  • Analytical assessments carried out in internal laboratories for the proper dosage of reagents.


Our activities are qualified by certifications that ensure quality levels compliant with European standards.


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