Experience and professionalism

Vallortigara carries out in an ecologically correct manner all sorting and storage operations with different wastes and recoverable materials, adopting adequate facilities and with a high level of competence and highly qualified personnel.

Safety and respect for the environment

With an authorised capacity of 60,000 tons/year, the Vallortigara plant is equipped with modern facilities dedicated to the selection and storage of industrial, solid/liquid, hazardous and non-hazardous waste. In compliance with the strictest standards relating to the prevention of risks and the reduction of potential environmental impact, Vallortigara receives and stores special wastes, thereby representing for businesses a reliable and competent partner. The UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certification (together with the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification on Quality and the OHSAS 18001 certification on Safety) provides a guarantee of compliance with European quality standards.

Collection, sorting and storage

The storage activity begins with the collection of waste at the client's premises, careful verification of the same and their selection and subsequent sorting into homogeneous lots for the purpose of facilitating more highly effective disposal and/or recycling according to criteria for the optimization of resources. The wastes are then stored in different areas of the plant, which are properly identified, subdivided according to type and, where necessary, subjected to volumetric adjustment. As far as substances similar or equivalent to urban wastes are concerned, a rough separation of fractions is performed with a mechanical vehicle fitted with a spider-type grappling device, followed by manual sorting of recyclable wastes, such as, for example, paper, plastic, wood or iron. The different recovered fractions are then periodically sent to recycling/re-use facilities, while the remaining, residual, non-recoverable fraction is transferred for disposal.
Vallortigara is capable of handling different types of wastes, including paint and exhausted solvents, lead-acid and small batteries, cleansed packaging and packaging containing residual traces of dangerous substances, exhausted acids and bases, insulating materials and materials containing asbestos, oil-based emulsions and exhausted oil, absorbent products and filtering materials etc.
The list of all treatable wastes is contained in Annex A enclosed with the firm's business authorization.

Services for optimizing waste management

  • Collection of wastes at the client's premises and subsequent sorting.
  • Division of wastes in uniform batches to optimize subsequent operations.
  • Volumetric reduction of wastes.
  • Isolation, selection and pressing (if required) of substances similar or equivalent to urban wastes for appropriate allocation prior to disposal or recycling operations.
  • Collection, sorting and preparation for treatment in special waste plants.


Our activities are qualified by certifications that ensure quality levels compliant with European standards.


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