A policy focusing on quality

The adoption of an Integrated Business Management System according to requirements laid down for Quality, Environment and Safety in the Workplace reflects a philosophy aimed at maximising client satisfaction through the continuous improvement of our services and organization.

The Importance of training

Vallortigara has always made great efforts to attain a high level of excellence in the management and quality of its services, while ensuring high levels of control with regard to safety at work sites and the protection of the environment. These objectives have led to continuous investment in the training of highly qualified and skilled technicians and an organizational approach that places emphasis on participation and the sharing of goals in the workplace, fostering a positive synergy between the various functions of the firm.

Cutting-edge security

In order to ensure quality and safety in industrial waste-disposal procedures as well as carrying out careful environmental decontamination work in line with EU standards and certificates, Vallortigara has adopted the policy of using cutting-edge equipment and systems, capable of ensuring safety and healthy conditions in the workplace, besides contributing towards protecting the environment.

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Safeguarding the environment above all

In a policy aimed at the continuous improvement of the firm's performance, respect and protection of the environment are of primary importance. In particular, this applies to the management of its activities, with special attention being paid to emissions into the atmosphere and pollution of the soil and also the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases and the optimal management of waste-disposal operations on behalf of its clients.

The values… underlying a value-added service

  • constant training of human resources;
  • continuous improvement of operational methods;
  • respect for the environment;
  • the working conditions of all personnel, with particular attention paid to safety and healthy working conditions in accordance with current laws.


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