Timely and effective intervention

Vallortigara places at the disposal of its clients technical expertise, experience and the capacity to implement targeted and timely interventions in all cases where a need arises to render safe and/or remediate contaminated or polluted areas.

From assessment to intervention

In recent times there has been an increasing occurrence of pollution at sites within the areas served by Vallortigara, with a consequent increase in the need for environmental decontamination processes. Whether these are abandoned industrial sites or unauthorised, illegal dumping grounds, the areas are often subject to prior contamination of the soil, water or equipment and systems. Thanks to its know-how, acquired through many years of experience in the field of decontamination processes, Vallortigara offers clients its expertise and the efficiency of its technical equipment to optimally manage the various steps involved in proper decontamination of a polluted site. The phases start with initial consultancy and proceed with planning, emergency operations for the restoration of safe conditions, decontamination operations and whatever environmental remediation process may be required with the treatment or removal of contaminated matrices.

During the assessment of viable solutions, Vallortigara evaluates various aspects relating to environmental benefits and the sustainability of costs for the various applicable techniques, and also examines current and future uses of the site in question.

Managing an emergency situation

Thanks to its solid experience with the technology used for soil and groundwater decontamination Vallortigara is able to support both private clients and public-administration bodies, ensuring optimal management of environmental emergencies in both the decision-making and implementation phases. Intervention involves planning and the implementation of operations aimed at securing or remediating contaminated sites. The choice of the most suitable technology for the type of intervention to be carried out is always tailored to the needs and objectives of the client, who can count on the professionalism of qualified technicians as well as on modern, state-of-the-art equipment and vehicles.

Vallortigara offers a 24-24 emergency service to contend with issues relating to pollution to promptly and efficiently deal with any emergency situation that arises and limit the risk of damage to the surrounding environment.

The company, listed in the National Register of Environmental Operators (Category 9, Class C - decontamination of sites), is fully-qualified for the execution of public works under Category OG12 level V. It also has a mobile waste-treatment unit authorized by the Veneto Region for the recovery of non-hazardous wastes.

Decontaminating a specific area

  • Action involving the handling and/or removal of contaminated materials and polluted soil, and with treatment occurring at the site of the area in question.
  • On-site operations, without the transfer or removal of contaminated sources.
  • Intervention with the movement and transfer of contaminated materials and polluted soil outside the area, taking it to authorized treatment facilities or a landfill.

Securing a particular area

  • Permanent measures, designed to effect definitive isolation of the sources of pollution with respect to surrounding environmental matrices.
  • Action taken to ensure safety to persons and the environment within operative areas.
  • Emergency operations, aimed at removing or temporarily isolating sources of pollution in the event of accidental release or emission.


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