Prompt and efficient action

The services offered by Vallortigara currently cover the entire Province of Vicenza and the whole of northern and central Italy, also including some areas in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The areas covered may be extended in future.

Prompt and efficient action

Transportation and cleaning of cesspits

Thanks to synergic relations with the subsidiary company Vallortigara Angelo, Vallortigara can provide efficient modern vehicles and equipment for the transportation of all liquids and solid waste. 24-24 availability and the use of advanced technical equipment for the purging of cesspits ensure timely and effective interventions in all situations.

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Selection and storage

Vallortigara is a point of reference for the effective and ecologically correct performance of all sorting and storage operations of industrial, hazardous and non-hazardous, solid and liquid wastes and recoverable materials, utilizing adequate facilities, technical skill and highly qualified personnel.

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Stabilization and Solidification

Thanks to its modern plant for the stabilization and solidification of industrial wastes, Vallortigara is able to carry out in a truly effective manner these fundamental processes for the management of hazardous wastes. Such processes aim at lowering their polluting potential and rendering them suitable for disposal at landfills or recycling.

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Chemical-physical treatment of liquid wastes

A competent partner for all companies that have to contend with the problem of carrying out the correct disposal of industrial, hazardous and non-hazardous, liquid wastes with specialized and targeted treatment and/or pre-treatment, including, for example, homogenization, screening, clariflocculation, sedimentation and filtration.

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Decontamination and the securing of safe conditions

With its expertise and the efficiency of its technical equipment, Vallortigara is able to very effectively and promptly manage the various stages of recovery of a contaminated site: from consulting to planning, emergency measures for the securing of safe conditions, decontamination and restoration of the environment.

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Our activities are qualified by certifications that ensure quality levels compliant with European standards.


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